1. Opening hours & activities

What are your opening hours?

What can I see at Sovereign Hill?

Where is Sovereign Hill?

Should I pre-book my ticket?

Where can I find out more about what’s on at Sovereign Hill?

Is the Gold Museum open?

Is parking available on site? 

When is AURA running?

Is Narmbool open?

Can I take a photo with the costumed staff?

2. Booking tickets

How can I book a ticket?

How do I book with an annual pass?

What concession cards do you accept? 

Can I book a ticket with a companion card?

Do I have to pre-book activities?

What additional activities do I need to pay for?

How do I buy an annual pass?

Where can I purchase gift vouchers?

Can I re-enter Sovereign Hill on the same day?

The day I want to attend is sold out online, can I get a ticket at the entrance?

3. Cancellations

Do you offer cancellations?

Can I re-schedule my booking?

4. Sovereign Hill Hotel

Can I stay onsite at the hotel?

Can I make a booking for just the Sovereign Hill Hotel?