Social Scripts

These scripts have been developed to assist visitors and students to become more familiar and comfortable with Sovereign Hill before they visit. The stories can be easily adapted to suit individuals. 

Click on the links below for downloadable PDFs

School Camp at Sovereign Hill

Explore what you can expect when going on camp and staying at Sovereign Hill.

PDF610.0 kB
Sovereign Hill Outdoor Museum Excursion

Explore what you can expect when going on and excursion to Sovereign Hill.

Education Sessions and Demonstrations

Explore what you might see and learn while at Sovereign Hill.

PDF505.7 kB
Sounds at Sovereign Hill

Gain some insight of the sounds you might hear while at Sovereign Hill.

PDF445.2 kB
Troopers and Red Coats

Become more familiar and comfortable with the Troopers and Red Coats at Sovereign Hill

PDF743.8 kB