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VCE The Arnott-Rogers Collection and Chinese Processional Collection Masterclass

90 mins

Students explore the collection of missionaries George and Robina Arnott-Rogers, collected between 1895 and 1916 in Sichuan province. The collection provides an incredible window into life in rural China in a period of great change. China Inland Mission organisation (CIM); CIM required their missionaries to live as much as possible like the people to whom they were ministering. Many of the textiles in the collection were worn or used in the household by the family. Robina ran a nursing station and was a skilled and trusted
nurse/doctor/surgeon/dentist and midwife; her daily diaries, letters, photographs and the artefacts they collected. This collection is supplemented by a look at the Processional Collection that provides some insight into contemporary Chinese culture in Ballarat both as an example of what has been lost in the Cultural Revolution in China and how Chinese culture may have evolved differently in the Chinese diaspora.

VCAA Study Design Links

History Unit 3 & 4: Revolutions

Area of Study 1 and 2

  • Causes and Consequences of revolution (China)