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Johnny Alloo... of Ballarat notoriety

Johnny Alloo... of Ballarat notoriety

The Australian Centre for Gold Rush Collections invites you to come and hear Professor John Smyth tell the story of John Alloo. 

Discover the remarkable life of a pioneer on Ballarat's goldfields. Born in China, he ventured to Ballarat during the 1850s seeking more than just gold – he sought opportunity and a better life.

Against the backdrop of Ballarat's bustling goldfields, John Alloo defied societal norms by establishing Australia's first documented Chinese-owned restaurant. Join us Saturday 22 June at 2pm for a captivating talk led by Professor John Smyth.

Exclusively available to Sovereign Hill ticket holders, this event offers a glimpse into John Alloo's enduring legacy and his impact on Australia's cultural landscape.

In our replica of this iconic restaurant hear all about the fascinating life story of a man who came to the goldfields, not in search of gold but of a better life.

The book 'Johnny Alloo... of Ballarat notoriety' will be available to purchase on the day.

Location: John Alloo's building, Sovereign Hill

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