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Redcoats on Parade

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Top 10 school holiday activities at Sovereign Hill


1. House of Lucas’ Exhibition

Step inside the stylish world of Lucas & Co., a clothing company which operated in Ballarat from the 1880s to the 1970s. House of Lucas’ features the fashions, people and production methods which shaped this iconic business. Don’t forget to take a photo with the Lucas models in the foyer.

2. Pan for gold

Head to Red Hill Gully Diggings and pan for real gold just like it’s the 1850s - what you find is yours to keep!


3. Creative Crafts

Create peg doll toys or colour in a Redcoat Soldier and his family.


4. Gingerbread Decorating

Head to the New York Bakery to make your own home-baked treats. Mum and dad relax over coffee or a meal, while the kids enjoy hands-on fun decorating gingerbread treats - yum!


5. Redcoats & Rifles

The Redcoats are the soldiers who march around Sovereign Hill. Watch them load and fire their guns - make sure you cover your ears! Don’t forget to get a photo with a Redcoat to take home.


6. Who’d marry a Redcoat?

Marrying a soldier may have sounded glamorous for a young woman on the goldfields, but was it really? Hear about the trials and tribulations facing a young woman in love with a Redcoat and help her decide if she should follow her heart.


7. Mine Adventures

Head underground on one of Sovereign Hill’s mine tours - don’t forget to see the spectacular $150,000 gold pour!


8. Jack & the Beanstalk Pantomime

Everyone loves a good old-fashioned pantomime! Boo the villain, cheer the hero - and everyone lives happily ever after!


9. Sweet Treats

Watch the confectioners make Sovereign Hill’s famous boiled lollies right before your eyes - be sure to taste test straight away!


10. Lola’s Spider Dance

Lola Montez was a Goldfields showgirl and notorious for many reasons, but most of all for her ‘Spider Dance’. So what was all the fuss about? Come and see for yourself!