Red Hill Photographic Rooms Hope Bakery Whips & Whims Butcher's Shamble Puddling Machine Gold Commissionser's Camp Dilges Blacksmith Shop Hammond's Hut Alex Kelly Auctioneer Californian Pump Flume Sailor's Hut Australian Stage Company Bath's Hotel Stables Carver and Dalton Auction and Sale Rooms Ballarat Times Office Charles Spencer, Confectioner Post Office T.Murphy, Tentmaker Clarke Brothers Grocers Lemonade Tent Scribe's Hut Chinese Temple Chinese Store Herbalist's Hut Red Hill Alluvial Mine Waterloo Store Miner's Chapel Rees & Benjamin, Watch and Clock Makers New York Bakery Colonial Bank Gold Office United States Hotel Robinson & Wayne's Apothecaries' Hall Universal Transit Office Linton's Cottage Charlie Napier Hotel Victoria Theatre Gold Smelting Works Mullock Heap Battery House Sovereign Hill Quartz Mining Company / Poppet Head David Jones Criterion Store Brown's Confectionary Factory Pittman's Hut & Mine Managers Office (Mine Tours) Mine Blacksmith Beam Pump Clarke Brothers Mechanic's Institute and Free Libary Southsea Oil Company Edinburgh Boot & Shoe Mart Chambers Cottage Mine Managers Cottage Engine House Boiler House John Alloo's Restaurant Wain's Cottage St Ives Bright View Cottage St Peter's Church of England School W Procter, Wheelwright & Coachbuilder R&C Tunbridge, Timber Merchant Wheelwright's Plant Chinese Protector's Office Davidson's Cottage Red Hill National School Taylor's Cottage SOHO Foundary Wesleyan Church Fire Station Empire Bowling Saloon W. Dawson, Builders and Undertakers William Hewett's Yarrowee Soap & Candleworks Steinfeld's Furniture Wharehouse Government Camp - Sovereign Hill Lodge Red Gully Diggings Married Couples Hut Windlasses & Windsails
Please understand that, as this is an interactive map, the numbers do not correspond with the map you will receive when you visit Sovereign Hill.
1. Red Hill Gully Diggings 17. Scribe's Hut 33. Post Office 49. Robinson & Wayne's Apothecaries Hall 65. W. Dawson Builders & Undertakers
2. Windlasses and Windsails 18. Herbalist's Hut 34. Bright View Cottage 50. Universal Transit Office 66. Steinfeld's Furniture Warehouse
3. Gold Commissioner's Camp 19. Chinese Store 35. William Proctor, Coachbuilder 51. New York Bakery 67. Yarrowee Soap & Candle Works
4. Married Couple's Hut 20. Chinese Protector's Office 36. R & C Tunbridge, Timber Merchants 52. United States Hotel 68. Browns Confectionary Manufactory
5. Hamonds' Hut 21. Dilges' Blacksmith Shop 37. Wheelwright's Plant 53. Victoria Theatre 69. Poppet Head
6. Sailors' Hut 22. Carver & Dalton Auction & Sale Rooms 38. Govt Camp - Sovereign Hill Lodge 54. Criterion Store 70. Engine House
7. Butchers Shamble 23. Hope Bakery 39. Wain's Cottage 55. Charlie Napier Hotel 71. Boiler House
8. Miners' Chapel 24. Red Hill Photographic Rooms 40. Chambers' Cottage 56. Mechanics' Institute & Free Library 72. Beam Pump
9. Whips And Whims 25. Alex Kelly, Auctioneer 41. Taylors' Cottage 57. Southsea Oil Company 73. Mine Blacksmith
10. Puddling Machine 26. Bath' s Hotel Stables 42. Davidsons' Cottage 58. Edinburgh Boot & Shoe Mart 74. Mine Managers Cottage
11. Californian Pump 27. Australian Stage Company 43. St.Ives 59. Clarke Brothers, Tinsmiths 75. Mullock Heap
12. Flume 28. Ballarat Times Office 44. Red Hill National School 60. John Alloo's Restaurant 76. Battery House
13. Lemonade Tent 29. Charles Spencer, Confectioner 45. St. Peter's Church of England 61. Soho Foundry 77. Gold Smelting Works
14. Red Hill Mine 30. Clarke Brothers, Grocers 46. Linton Cottage 62. Wesleyan Church 78. Mine Tours, Underground Mine
15. Waterloo Store 31. T. Murphy, Tentmaker 47. Colonial Bank of Australasia 63. Fire Station Displays and The Secret Chamber
16. Chinese Temple 32. Rees & Benjamin Watch & Clockmakers 48. Gold Office 64. Empire Bowling Saloon

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