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The Sovereign Hill Charter


Our purpose at Sovereign Hill and the Gold Museum is to inspire an understanding of the significance of the central Victorian gold rushes in Australia’s national story, and at Narmbool of the importance of the land, water and biodiversity in Australia’s future.


Our Mission is to collect, conserve and interpret the mining, social, cultural and environmental heritage of the Ballarat region.


Service: We will ensure that every visitor’s experience is satisfying, and that their needs are paramount in our decision-making.

Respect: We will act with respect and free from any form of discrimination in what we say and do towards our colleagues, our visitors, and all with whom we do business; we will respect each other’s dignity and right to privacy; and respect the assets we share in doing our jobs.

Safety: We will maintain a safe and healthy workplace for all our visitors and for all who work on our sites.

Integrity: We will act in accordance with international and national codes of ethical practice for museums, including respect for the tangible and intangible heritage we collect, research and interpret; for the primary role of museums as places of life-long learning; and as individuals, work to help and support colleagues, work diligently to complete tasks, and at all times act honestly.

Responsibility: We will be a socially and environmentally responsible business and employer, and a vital partner in the development of our region; and as individuals, take responsibility for our actions and ensure our decision-making is objective, consistent and complies with policy and legislation.

Sustainability: We will maintain our financial viability and independence by using our resources efficiently and effectively.