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Wildlife Monitoring Program

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Narmbool Education has developed a Wildlife Monitoring Program to help collect data on the fauna activity on the 2000 hectare pastoral property.


The purpose of our Wildlife Monitoring Program is to:

• Identify what species exist on the property and add information to our Narmbool Biodiversity Management Plan. It will also be of great benefit to understand the health of biodiversity hot spots/habitats on the property. 

• Evaluate the impact and effectiveness of management decisions. 

• Identify and prioritise ways to improve habitat for relevant species. 

• Monitor introduced animal populations for future eradication or control programs. Informing Narmbool Management of the results will guide the allocation of resources for future control. 

• Monitor animal behaviour at different times of the year.


Narmbool Education is exploring a number of survey methods including the use of:

Remote wildlife cameras
Cameras will be placed remotely in habitats and are infrared motion-triggered. These cameras are very effective at monitoring wildlife.

• Monitoring nest boxes
Nest boxes provide refuges where there is a shortage of hollows for nesting. They have also been used successfully to monitor wildlife in the canopy.

• Hair collection traps
Animals are attracted to an area where sticky tape collects loose hairs which can be later identified by an expert.

• Spotlighting
Conducted with a group, spotlight evenings use high-powered lights to identify species active at night.