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Narmbool Education Team

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Meet the Narmbool Education Team

Damon Minotti

Damon joined us in October 2016 as the Manager of Education and Operations at Narmbool and has rapidly developed an affinity for the property and for the exclusive educational and event opportunities it provides. A locally qualified Science and PE Secondary School teacher who began his teaching career in Ballarat, Damon spent spend many years travelling and working overseas as a teacher, tour guide and major events director before returning to Ballarat.

Damon developed a passion for the environment through Outdoor Education as both a student and a teacher and also through his travelling experiences in some of the world’s most unique destinations and ecosystems. Damon is passionate about engaging and empowering the next generation of decision makers to think carefully about our past, present and future land and resource usage and committed to ensuring that as many members of the wider community as possible experience the significant Aboriginal and European heritage that Narmbool has to offer.


Mathew Dowler

Mathew has always enjoyed being in the bush and visiting different places. Through these experiences he has developed a keen interest in looking after the environment.

Mathew is a qualified secondary school teacher who has specialised in Environmental Science as well as Outdoor and Environmental Education. He began work as a Narmbool Education Officer in 2007 and finds working on the property a rewarding experience especially when he can help young people learn about the environment and how they can actively protect, enhance and restore it.

For Mathew, it’s always special when students who have little or no experience of the bush start to marvel at the complexity of this environment and all it has to offer.


Kim Sharp

Kim officially joined us in Term 2 2017, having worked casually with us throughout 2016.

Kim’s background is in both science and teaching having graduated from the University of Ballarat with both a Bachelor of Applied Science (Geology) and a Bachelor of Teaching.

Having grown up locally, Kim has always been fascinated by the area’s amazing natural landscape. This sparked her interest in geology, as she wanted to better understand the processes involved in creating and shaping our planet. She has a particular interest in volcanoes, regularly including visits to active volcanoes on her international travel itineraries.

Kim recognises that Narmbool is a unique learning environment and relishes student’s natural curiosity about the world around them, while also educating them about the Earth’s complex history and the importance of looking after our natural environment for future generations.