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Gold Museum Society members assist with a wide variety of activities. Some work with visitors in the galleries, while others prefer to contribute in the archival and research areas.

Interested volunteers undertake training to conduct the guided tours that are presented every afternoon to ensure the best possible visitor experience for everyone.

The ‘touch trolley’ displays an array of mysterious collection items. Visitors can handle them and discuss their origin and use with our volunteers. For children and younger people, this can be a great guessing game while, for older folk, it is often a nostalgic trip through memories of a bygone time.

Behind-the-scenes, the Museum relies on volunteers to help with cataloguing, indexing, transcribing, scanning and researching its extensive historical collections. ‘Backroom’ volunteers are able to use existing skills or develop new ones, with training provided for each activity.

Members attend for an agreed number of hours on a rostered basis. They receive a monthly newsletter and enjoy visits by guest speakers to their meetings. There are also regular excursions to other collecting institutions and places of historical interest.

For more information about becoming a volunteer at the Gold Museum, please call the Volunteer Coordinator at the Gold Museum on (03) 5329 2319.