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Program Outline

Program outline

The Costumed School experience is a two-day educational program conducted from 9.00 am to 3.15 pm on two consecutive days for students in upper primary levels.

On arrival on Day 1, our teachers (in role) spend some time orientating the children about the historical context of their goldfields school experience, costume policies and general expectations. Our teachers and the visiting teachers will then supervise the costuming of students.

When in costume, students will be taken on a familiarisation walk around Sovereign Hill’s Outdoor Museum, noting the variety of dwellings, occupations and life-styles. During this time, visiting teachers will have their roles explained and be fitted with costumes at the Sovereign Hill Costume Department. Visiting teachers then re-join the class in their new roles.

After their walk, students will be taken to their schools where they will undertake a range of lessons and activities that may include copperplate writing with slate pencils, arithmetic, sewing (girls), drawing (boys), reading, poetry and geography. Ragged School students will be able to learn trades taught by various people around the township.

On the second morning, we will explore the township further and include some time for gold panning and visiting the Gold Smelting Works. The day will continue after morning recess with pen and ink writing and a likely visit from the district inspector, vicar, priest or doctor depending which of our schools the students are in. For Red Hill, St Peter’s and St Alipius students, Day 2 is fee payment day where the teachers will collect the fees (or offers in kind) from the students before the end of the day. Ragged School students will continue their trades program on Day 2.