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School Policies

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School Policies

Sovereign Hill School is a registered Victorian Government school with its own school council. As such, it is required to have in place a range of policies which comply with the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA) standards and which are updated regularly.

Important note

Sovereign Hill School encompasses all the costumed goldfields schools operating within the Sovereign Hill Outdoor Museum. These are commonly known as the Sovereign Hill Costumed Schools.

Sovereign Hill School is a specific purpose school operated onsite within the Sovereign Hill Outdoor Museum, in Ballarat, by the Victorian Department of Education and Training. It works in conjunction with The Sovereign Hill Museums Association to provide immersive educational experiences for primary school students, thereby supporting visiting schools in the delivery of a range of outcomes for their students.

As Sovereign Hill School is a specific purpose school, this policy should be read in the context of the following:
• Sovereign Hill School does not enrol students;
• At all times, the children remain enrolled in their base schools and attend Sovereign Hill School under the supervision of staff from their own schools; and
• Students are protected by the policies and processes of their own schools while visiting Sovereign Hill and participating in the Costumed School program.

These would include the school’s own:
• Child safety policy
• Excursions and camps policy
• Student engagement and wellbeing policy
• Anaphylaxis and medication policies


Child Safety Policy

Sovereign Hill School is committed to the wellbeing and safety of all children. The School’s Child Safety Policy is available along with our Child Safety Code of Conduct for our staff and volunteers.

Child Safety Policy

Child Safety Code of Conduct

Student Safety

Sovereign Hill has comprehensive information for your students’ safety and wellbeing while visiting.

For further information about Sovereign Hill’s Code of Conduct, and Safety & Risk Management, visit

First aid

Should you require first aid kits or first aid personnel, please ask an employee and you will be directed to the nearest location and given assistance.

Schools may choose to bring portable first aid kits. These can be hidden in covered baskets if carried by staff in costume. All of our schools have first aid kits and all our teachers have first aid training.

Student emergency contacts and management of medical conditions

Visiting schools are responsible for collecting and maintaining consent and documentation from parents, which must be available at all times during the visit. Documentation must include:
• Emergency contact details; and
• Medical management plans, including plans for epilepsy, asthma and anaphylaxis.

Costume and behaviour policy

To ensure that all students are able to enjoy and gain maximum benefit from our programs, we ask that teachers make themselves and students aware of the expectations regarding costuming and behaviour.

Costume and Behaviour Policy